Private Club


I was invited by my brother Ali from to hunt his private duck club in the Imperial Valley. The club is located in Mecca, CA smack dab between Palm Springs and the Salton Sea. The weather forecast called for pretty ducky weather, so we were excited.

As the sun rose, there was not a ton of birds flying. We had a few birds work us right away, and one of them Ali put to death. It was a hen Pintail. Next we had a couple of groups of Mallards work us coming off a neighboring resting pond. John and his 2 sons from Big 5 Sporting Goods, let them have it. They took 2 out of that bunch. From there it was slow for about an hour. A small group of teal buzzed us and I got a piece of one. I have never seen a green wing teal boomerang like this bird did. I broke a wing and it actually flew back to us and landed on the pond in front of us.

At 9:00 everyone broke for breakfast. We ate at the local truck stop which had great Mexican food. John and his boys decided they had enough, so they headed for home. Ali and I decided to stick around.

Back in the blind at 11:00, it was pretty slow. We had a single wigeon Ali called in from way out come to take a look. After 3 shots from Ali and 2 shots from me, the third shell in the chamber got him. HORRIBLE shooting….

From there the wind began to blow moving ducks around the entire Imperial Valley, blowing them off the Salton Sea. There were a few duck clubs that were not shooting until after Thanksgiving, and the birds seemed to know that. While havingĀ  a conversation and not paying attention, we had 6 pintail 20 yards overhead trying to decoy. We panicked and could not get our guns up fast enough. fell on our rears with those after doing the same thing in the morning with a group of ring-neck ducks. We had to split by 2:00 so we were just getting ready to wrap it up when another loner wigeon decided to come play, and he was rewarded with a head full of steel.

Count for the day: 1 Green Wing Teal, 1 Hen PintailĀ  & 2 Drake Wigeon.

No limits shot, but a great time had by all. We should and could have shot more birds, next time we need to pay more attention. It seems to happen every time we go duck hunting. I guess that’s part of the sport.

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