Duck & Quail Hunt – Potrero, Ca


We decided to hunt our local pond on a private ranch in Potrero, Ca. The ranch is loaded with Quail, Dove and some Ducks. It makes for a great morning shoot being it is so close to home when we are in town during the season.

We started the morning a little slow with a few Gadwall working in about 30 minutes after shoot time. (3) birds came in and splashed down in front of us. The pond is in a  canyon , and the light is a little low first thing int he morning. We let them sit for a few, then gave them hell. One came down and my gun went click on another that was an easy shot. Time to clean my gun.

After that it was getting near 7:00 am. We had a couple groups of birds circle us. The first was a leery group of widgeon. Normally this pond has little to zero pressure and these birds work right in. This was not the case today, as we hammered on these birds only a few days before. The widgeon smelled a rat and did not want to decoy. We probably should have called the shot, but did not.

At 7:15, we had a pair of Gadwall that came right in as we were jabber jawing. They had no idea we were even there. Needless to say, they did not leave. From there on out it was a little slow.

At 8:10, we had  a lonesome hen pintail come cruising by while we were walking around. We froze and let the bird work in. She rounded off our morning.

From there we walked up to the top of the property and proceeded to put the lead to some quail. This property is LOADED with quail. We started in our usual spot and worked for about 15 minutes until we found the first covey. This covey had 100+ birds in it. We each pulled a bird off of the first flush. Then proceeded to knock them around the hillside for 7 birds in about an hour. We lost a few in the thick brush, which is always a heart breaker.

All in all it was a great day.

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