Delevan Kill Report 11/26-27/2009

Delevan Goose Field

Delevan Kill Report

November 26-27, 2009

We met up at Kenny’s trailer next to the field. Normally we hear a lot of geese in the A.M. making all kinds of noise. It was pretty quiet for a morning on Delevan. we could hear a few widgeon cruise over head while getting ready. We hoofed it down the bone dry field in anticipation of goose anihalation. Well as expected, it is a very dry early season. This being said, the population of birds in the area are WAY down.

The first flight of the morning was 3 singles. They were very hesitant to land, so we let them go. That morning was very dewy, so it could have been the decoys. Next group comes in, same deal. We finally get a group of 5 to work. We took 2 of those 5 birds. The rest of the day was very slow. We decided to leave to shoot Yuba City that evening.

Yuba city was not much better. With no weather and bluebird days, nothing wanted to fly. We wrapped it up and started heading toward home. I gues this is why it is called hunting and not killing.


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