Delevan Kill Report 11/14/09

Delevan Kill Report

Delevan Kill Report

Week Of 11-14-2009

The Sacramento Valley still has not seen the number of birds we normally see this time of year. With little rain and warm weather, the birds
have not started to make their migration south in large numbers yet. However large flights of snows are just started showing up on Sunday and have proceeded to fill the valey early on this week. The numbers over the past 3 days have increased drastically.

11-14-2009 Staff Report Bill, Timmy, Kenny, John and myself walked down the check on our way to the pitblinds at 5:30 a.m. in anticipation of Speck and Snow goose anihilation. Shoot time was just after 6 am, and every minute upto then seemed like hours. We were shooting the field for the first time of the year, popping the goose cherry for future friends and clients. As we got closer to shoot time, our heads rung with the sound of Specks & Snows getting up off of the Delevan Refuge. We did not have birds come in to the decoys for the first half an hour or so. When the first set of birds came through, they were very decoy shy. No matter how hard Kenny got on the call, they would flare. I guess the first week is always like this with no weather. We finally managed to get a few birds to put their feet down and fall victim to our shells of death. It was very scratchy for the rest of the morning, but we still manged 5 before 9:00 am. We had to pack it up, so we could still shoot Yuba City in the afternoon. So we left Kenny and the guys and headed for Yuba City.

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