Bloody tour Klamath and Sacramento 12/26/09

Bloody tour Klamath and Sacramento


Ali and I have been on tour of the west coast trying to get in some goose and duck carnage. So far 3 days of an ass kicking,going for day 4 today.
Klamath Falls was a nice 11 to 28f and snowing. The birds never got moving. 1 Honk, hooded merganser, a wigeon and two mallards for 1.5 days. We had planned on doing 4 days up there but our guide Jason from Killzone Outfitters told us we might be better off in Sacramento. Jason worked his ass off for the birds we got. We should have had at least 4 more mallards but someone tampered with our ammo. It made noise but nothing came out the end… Ali’s SBE went click and stovepipe almost every shot he had.
We hunted the afternoon yesterday in pit blinds in Maxwell CA with Kenny, another Killzone Guide. Had a few Specks and Snows come around but none came in range. Kenny is the man on calling the geese and has been having a hard time getting them with all the nice weather lately.
We could have jumped in the goose field again this morning but we decided to make another move to Yuba City to hunt with Raith for ducks.
Raith is another KZO guide that has pit blind sunken rice fields right up against the Sutter Reserve. We wanted to shoot his timber blinds for woods and mallards but the fog on the river is bad so here we go to his rice field.
I’ve been blogging the whole trip on my facebook as they have an easy to use app that I can upload pics.
Jason Hayashi | Facebook

Killzone Outfitters has been great. We have been in contact with them through the whole trip. Lining up the guides last minute has been easy (the guides are not booked up right now due to slow hunting and holidays). KZ has deals at every hotel we’ve stayed at and even told us where to eat. Their guides are all top notch! Http://

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  1. admin says:

    Great report Jason. I’m glad you got your first Honker. Hopefully you will make it up for the Spring Season. They increased the Speck limit to 2 birds. There are tons of birds in the basin already. Early this week the report from the plane that fly’s the basin said there were over 100,000 Geese already their. The migration has just started, by Feb 20th the hunting should be full speed.

  2. Clay says:

    At least you shot something. sometime it could be a bird watching trip.

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