Pintail, Canvas Back, Scaup & Goose Limits Raised for California

This years waterfowl regulations have finally put the ball back into the hunters court. With increased limits on Pintail, Canvas Back, Scaup & Goose, we can look forward to a wealthy waterfowl rich 2009/2010 season.
Spring rains along with improved duck habitat, made for a very productive hatch this year. Duck Season will be open for 100 days this year due to the increase in population.
PINTAIL-LArge_SmallThe Pintail limit has been increased to 2 birds per year, for the first time in 12 years, per the department of Fish & Game. Pintail breeding grounds have moved from the north to  southern prairies, which are beneficial to increase production of the birds. This move has increased the Pintail population 23% in North America. Associations like Ducks Unlimited & The California Waterfowl Association have played a big part in growing this habitat. The CWA put together a program called Partnering for Pintail. This program helps conserve the breeding grounds for these beautiful birds, ensuring great hunting for years to come.
Hen mallard bag limits have increased as well this year. You can now take 7 Mallards, in which two birds can be hens.Landing MAllards_Small This limit increase on hens is due to the large western stock of mallards. Mallards will be open throughout the 100 day season as usual. More mallards seem to be showing up every year in larger numbers across California. Last year was very dry during hunting season,  making for a late migration along with only OK hunting. With an expected La Nina weather pattern, early, heavy rains may make this one of the best years ever for mallard hunting.
This year due to the increase in the waterfowl population, the Department Of Fish & Game of California has issued (1) Canvas Back duck per person, per season. This is an increase of 1 bird up from last years closure. Although enforcing this law maybe be hard for the DFG, California hunters will be expected to abide by this one bird a season limit.CanvasbackReflection
Last year Canvasbacks in the Colorado River region must have recieved the fax about the closure. Many times I found myself shooting other ducks over Canvasbacks sitting on the river. These fearless birds will no longer be fearless this hunting season, as they are fair game once again.

Scaup-650x416Scaup in California also saw an increase in limits from 1 to 3 birds per day. The Scaup season is short as usual, only running 86 days. Spinning decoys may not be used until December 1, 2009. Scaup are very abundant here in California. Scaups are diver ducks and can be found on canals and rivers all over California.

TeamworkGoose limits have increased in California as well. The Daily bag limit on Geese this year is 8 birds. Out of these 8 birds only 6 can be large Canada geese; 6 small Canada Geese; 6 White Geese; 4 White Fronts.

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