Opening Day In The Klamath Basin

Opening day in the Klamath Basin is really a treat to us hunters from Southern California. We get to fan our waterfowl killing flame a few weeks before our season opens on home turf. Well, at least get warmed up.

This year Bill, and myself decided we would pay Jason a visit for opening weekend for some duck ans goose shooting. Bill headed up on Thursday afternoon with a friend Craig and guide John V. I left Friday at 4:00 am with my friend John P. Upon arriving in the Basin and meeting the guys at the hotel, we settled in. The guys were all jacked up about the amount of birds in the area after scouting that day with Jason. “We are going to massacre them” Bill kept repeating over and over. Needless to say it was hard to sleep that night.

The alarm going off at 2:30 a.m. was not as pleasant as it sounded the night before. We woke up and got to it. Met Jason at 3:30 at the launch ramp and of we went. After a 30 minute boat ride we were where we needed to be.

After getting decoys setup and the boats hidden, we started cooking breakfast. Jason had brought a coffee peculator, stove and breakfast to cook. We ended up making chorizo and egg burritos for everyone, that we enjoyed until shoot time.

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