Delevan Report – Popped The 2010 Cherry

The Kill Zone crew ran up to Delevan to pop the cherry for 2010 on the field with Kenny our guide. Kenny was a little skeptical on how the hunting would be as usual because it was still a little early and we had not really had any weather.

Friday we woke up to a 5-15 mph north wind. Not as strong as we were hoping for, but good enough to move the birds around a little. It was slow until about 7:30. The birds started to move off of Delevan and started coming in by the pair. They were a little decoy shy and played follow the leader like last year, which really blows. One bird would suck the flock away after they would work us for a few minutes.  This happened for an hour until one dumb Ross came charging down the check. He met his maker.

From there it was pretty steady until about 11:00 a.m. We would get groups bouncing from Delevan to the flooded field to the west of us. We picked away at them and ended up with 6 for the morning.

There was 25-30 mph winds the next day with 40 mph gusts, so we decided to give it a rest until Saturday.

Specks did not want to play, as we did not have a ton of water in the field. The farmer was hesitant to flood again as we were expecting more rain this coming week.Specks usually want to get their feet wet, to get excited about decoying.

Saturday the forecast was pretty much spot on. And to say we crushed them would be selling it short. At sunrise it was pretty slow. We expected it to be full speed right away. The wind did not start cooperating until about 8:00. But when it did, it was on. The first group of birds came through of approximately 10 snows, 6 of which hit the ground. From there it was mixed snows and specks until about 11:00. We ended up with 25 birds for the day. Not a bad haul. Enjoy the pictures.

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