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Field Test | Bucket List Ranch | Lookout, Ca

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

We been talking to Brad Hunter of Ash Creek Outfitters about field testing his new lodge, The Bucket List Ranch, in Lookout, Ca for a couple of months. He had advised us that he would give us a call when the geese show up and that call came in about the first week of January. We booked our tickets and were scheduled to show up the last weekend of goose season. For some odd reason the Northern California Zone opens and closes early. We were pumped up and could not wait to shoot some honkers.

We flew out of San Diego into Sacramento Thursday night, the 12th. Later we realized it is about a 4.5 hour drive from Sac. After talking to Brad, he recommended flying out of Reno in the future. We made a quick stop in Willows to pickup John, and we were on our way. We came into Lookout at about 4:00 am. Brad and Alison had the bunk house warm and ready to go for us. Coffee was on and it was going to be a no sleep day. After a great breakfast provided by the Brad, we  set out for our hunt.

We met Ty Nay, guide at The Bucket List Ranch, in the field. The property we were hunting was located directly on the pit river. It was recently obtained by Brad and they had been killing quite a few geese on it prior to us coming up. We were pit blind hunting on a dry field just off the river. It is pretty cold up there, the first morning it was 12 degrees outside. Not what we are used to hunting the rice fields in the Sac Valley or So. Cal. Most of the birds did not want to move until about 9:00 am when the sun had warmed the air just past freezing. At about 9:30 we had our first group of birds work in. They did not wan to play for some reason, so after the first pass we took them at about 40 yards. Down came one greater. There was a pretty long pause after that in activity. Around 11:00 am the birds really starting moving. We had 15 birds come in from the east and lock right up on us. They circled once and proceeded to bomb in. There was a slight breeze, so they decoyed in a little sideways, as the wind had changed from when we set up. We all get up when the birds are feet down 15-20 yards and whiff. One bird come down and Ty, the guide, is the only one to drop anything. We basically felt like slapping ourselves, this was our chance to load up and leave. That set the tone for the day and we felt like we were all rookies. Oh well, it happens. 30 minutes later we had another group come in and down come 2 more. We were happy with what we shot and beat tired, so we decided to call it a day at noon. Of course as soon as we went to load up decoys, we had groups of birds working.

Day 2 was a cold one. We woke up to 3 degree weather. It was really cold. We decided to setup on the river in a small blind they had setup on the bank. Brad and Ty broke a nice hole in the ice on the river, and tossed duck and goose floaters in.

It was freezing cold, but we were determined to kill some birds. It was a slow start, nothing wanted to move. Around 10:00 am,  3 Mergansers came charging down river and met a few 12 gauges. We killed all 3 quickly and the skunk was off. We stuck around until noon and NOTHING wanted to move. We saw a few flocks of geese in the distance that would get up and go right back down. They did not want to go anywhere.

Day 3 was the last day of goose season and it seemed as though anyone for 50 miles knew it. The first 2 days we saw no one going to hunt, but today it seemed as though the community had come out of their shells for one last day of goose carnage for the year. We made it to the field and set up in the pit blind again hoping it would be as productive as day 1. Around 9:30 we had a lot of birds moving. Lots of Lesser’s and Specks in the area. We called in a few flocks that were very weary from being shot off the roost that morning. Nothing wanting to decoy and finish. At 10:30 we had a group of Lesser’s come take a look. They came in 40-45 yards. We drop a couple and that was our day. There was a storm approaching and the highway in can get very sketchy when it is snowing. We knew we needed to pack it up and get out of town. We headed back to a great lunch and we were on our way back to Sacramento.

Brad Hunter and Alison are some of the most accommodating people we have ever had the pleasure of staying with. Their lodge is first rate, and their food is incredible. We ate like kings the entire time we were their. With meals like Sweet and Sour Goose, Rib Eye Steaks, and homemade soup (everyday) you never go hungry.

The bunk house is like a really nice cabin. The beds are full size bunks and brand new, very comfortable mattress’s. Flat screen TV with satellite cable, phone and a wood burning stove make you feel like you are right at home.

Brad plans on hunting his 600 acre ranch starting next year which the lodge lies upon. You will be able to sit on the patio and watch birds on the ponds.

He has dug 2 good size ponds and built up islands. These ponds are the first source of water in the valley coming over the ridge from Tule Lake. Fields adjacent to these ponds are planted with wheat.

Heated blinds with full power are currently under construction. These will be very nice and comfortable even on the coldest days. Power to the ice eaters in the pond will be controlled from the blind.

The Bucket List Ranch is first rate and one of the most peaceful places in California. Brad and Allison are great Outfitters and have some of the finest property in the area. They are taking reservations for next season and for Trout season this summer. In addition to the bunk house, they have (2) RV spots with full hookups.

Bucket List Ranch

Hunters Ash Creek Outfitters
5515 County Road 87

Lookout, Ca  96054

Phone: (530)708-1000

Map & Directions

Duck & Quail Hunt – Potrero, Ca

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011


We decided to hunt our local pond on a private ranch in Potrero, Ca. The ranch is loaded with Quail, Dove and some Ducks. It makes for a great morning shoot being it is so close to home when we are in town during the season.

We started the morning a little slow with a few Gadwall working in about 30 minutes after shoot time. (3) birds came in and splashed down in front of us. The pond is in a  canyon , and the light is a little low first thing int he morning. We let them sit for a few, then gave them hell. One came down and my gun went click on another that was an easy shot. Time to clean my gun.

After that it was getting near 7:00 am. We had a couple groups of birds circle us. The first was a leery group of widgeon. Normally this pond has little to zero pressure and these birds work right in. This was not the case today, as we hammered on these birds only a few days before. The widgeon smelled a rat and did not want to decoy. We probably should have called the shot, but did not.

At 7:15, we had a pair of Gadwall that came right in as we were jabber jawing. They had no idea we were even there. Needless to say, they did not leave. From there on out it was a little slow.

At 8:10, we had  a lonesome hen pintail come cruising by while we were walking around. We froze and let the bird work in. She rounded off our morning.

From there we walked up to the top of the property and proceeded to put the lead to some quail. This property is LOADED with quail. We started in our usual spot and worked for about 15 minutes until we found the first covey. This covey had 100+ birds in it. We each pulled a bird off of the first flush. Then proceeded to knock them around the hillside for 7 birds in about an hour. We lost a few in the thick brush, which is always a heart breaker.

All in all it was a great day.


Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Delevan has been a little slow the past few days with this new moon phase. Last week was nothing but limits.  7 days after this moon, it should be right back to business again. For updated reports on Northern California hunting contact Kill Zone Outfitters 888-866-5455.


Private Club

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010


I was invited by my brother Ali from to hunt his private duck club in the Imperial Valley. The club is located in Mecca, CA smack dab between Palm Springs and the Salton Sea. The weather forecast called for pretty ducky weather, so we were excited.

As the sun rose, there was not a ton of birds flying. We had a few birds work us right away, and one of them Ali put to death. It was a hen Pintail. Next we had a couple of groups of Mallards work us coming off a neighboring resting pond. John and his 2 sons from Big 5 Sporting Goods, let them have it. They took 2 out of that bunch. From there it was slow for about an hour. A small group of teal buzzed us and I got a piece of one. I have never seen a green wing teal boomerang like this bird did. I broke a wing and it actually flew back to us and landed on the pond in front of us.

At 9:00 everyone broke for breakfast. We ate at the local truck stop which had great Mexican food. John and his boys decided they had enough, so they headed for home. Ali and I decided to stick around.

Back in the blind at 11:00, it was pretty slow. We had a single wigeon Ali called in from way out come to take a look. After 3 shots from Ali and 2 shots from me, the third shell in the chamber got him. HORRIBLE shooting…. (more…)

Delevan Report – Popped The 2010 Cherry

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

The Kill Zone crew ran up to Delevan to pop the cherry for 2010 on the field with Kenny our guide. Kenny was a little skeptical on how the hunting would be as usual because it was still a little early and we had not really had any weather.

Friday we woke up to a 5-15 mph north wind. Not as strong as we were hoping for, but good enough to move the birds around a little. It was slow until about 7:30. The birds started to move off of Delevan and started coming in by the pair. They were a little decoy shy and played follow the leader like last year, which really blows. One bird would suck the flock away after they would work us for a few minutes.  This happened for an hour until one dumb Ross came charging down the check. He met his maker.

From there it was pretty steady until about 11:00 a.m. We would get groups bouncing from Delevan to the flooded field to the west of us. We picked away at them and ended up with 6 for the morning.

There was 25-30 mph winds the next day with 40 mph gusts, so we decided to give it a rest until Saturday.

Specks did not want to play, as we did not have a ton of water in the field. The farmer was hesitant to flood again as we were expecting more rain this coming week.Specks usually want to get their feet wet, to get excited about decoying.

Saturday the forecast was pretty much spot on. And to say we crushed them would be selling it short. At sunrise it was pretty slow. We expected it to be full speed right away. The wind did not start cooperating until about 8:00. But when it did, it was on. The first group of birds came through of approximately 10 snows, 6 of which hit the ground. From there it was mixed snows and specks until about 11:00. We ended up with 25 birds for the day. Not a bad haul. Enjoy the pictures.

South Dakota Honker Hunting Video

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Opening Day In The Klamath Basin

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Opening day in the Klamath Basin is really a treat to us hunters from Southern California. We get to fan our waterfowl killing flame a few weeks before our season opens on home turf. Well, at least get warmed up.

This year Bill, and myself decided we would pay Jason a visit for opening weekend for some duck ans goose shooting. Bill headed up on Thursday afternoon with a friend Craig and guide John V. I left Friday at 4:00 am with my friend John P. Upon arriving in the Basin and meeting the guys at the hotel, we settled in. The guys were all jacked up about the amount of birds in the area after scouting that day with Jason. “We are going to massacre them” Bill kept repeating over and over. Needless to say it was hard to sleep that night.

The alarm going off at 2:30 a.m. was not as pleasant as it sounded the night before. We woke up and got to it. Met Jason at 3:30 at the launch ramp and of we went. After a 30 minute boat ride we were where we needed to be.

After getting decoys setup and the boats hidden, we started cooking breakfast. Jason had brought a coffee peculator, stove and breakfast to cook. We ended up making chorizo and egg burritos for everyone, that we enjoyed until shoot time.

Delevan Kill Report 11/14/09

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Delevan Kill Report

Delevan Kill Report

Week Of 11-14-2009

The Sacramento Valley still has not seen the number of birds we normally see this time of year. With little rain and warm weather, the birds
have not started to make their migration south in large numbers yet. However large flights of snows are just started showing up on Sunday and have proceeded to fill the valey early on this week. The numbers over the past 3 days have increased drastically.

11-14-2009 Staff Report Bill, Timmy, Kenny, John and myself walked down the check on our way to the pitblinds at 5:30 a.m. in anticipation of Speck and Snow goose anihilation. Shoot time was just after 6 am, and every minute upto then seemed like hours. We were shooting the field for the first time of the year, popping the goose cherry for future friends and clients. As we got closer to shoot time, our heads rung with the sound of Specks & Snows getting up off of the Delevan Refuge. We did not have birds come in to the decoys for the first half an hour or so. When the first set of birds came through, they were very decoy shy. No matter how hard Kenny got on the call, they would flare. I guess the first week is always like this with no weather. We finally managed to get a few birds to put their feet down and fall victim to our shells of death. It was very scratchy for the rest of the morning, but we still manged 5 before 9:00 am. We had to pack it up, so we could still shoot Yuba City in the afternoon. So we left Kenny and the guys and headed for Yuba City.

Delevan Kill Report 11/26-27/2009

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Delevan Goose Field

Delevan Kill Report

November 26-27, 2009

We met up at Kenny’s trailer next to the field. Normally we hear a lot of geese in the A.M. making all kinds of noise. It was pretty quiet for a morning on Delevan. we could hear a few widgeon cruise over head while getting ready. We hoofed it down the bone dry field in anticipation of goose anihalation. Well as expected, it is a very dry early season. This being said, the population of birds in the area are WAY down.

The first flight of the morning was 3 singles. They were very hesitant to land, so we let them go. That morning was very dewy, so it could have been the decoys. Next group comes in, same deal. We finally get a group of 5 to work. We took 2 of those 5 birds. The rest of the day was very slow. We decided to leave to shoot Yuba City that evening.

Yuba city was not much better. With no weather and bluebird days, nothing wanted to fly. We wrapped it up and started heading toward home. I gues this is why it is called hunting and not killing.


Bloody tour Klamath and Sacramento 12/26/09

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Bloody tour Klamath and Sacramento


Ali and I have been on tour of the west coast trying to get in some goose and duck carnage. So far 3 days of an ass kicking,going for day 4 today. (more…)