About Kill Zone Outfitters

Kill Zone Outfitters was Established in 2007 by Yusef Hussainy & Bill Underwood Jr. The idea with starting the company came from a few bad hunts Bill had been on with his Dad. Hunts that were just a waste of money, because the hunting was not what the guide said it was or advertised.

Guides have also been known to be flakes after taking a deposit. We decided to build a brand and a guarantee that the hunting will be the best in that particular area and the guide will be professional and courteous.We give hunters a name they can trust, as we only offer the best.

Killzone Outfitters specializes exclusively in Water Fowl hunting.

Currently we offer 4 different hunting venues.

The first venue, we call our “Delevan” rice fields. The Delevan location offers in ground steel pit blinds, to keep hunters warm and dry even on rainy days. Birds that are mainly shot at this location are Snow & Specklebelly (speckled) geese. The location of these fields are right next to the Delevan refuge and offers a first shot at the geese as they fly off the refuge in the morning. Most shots are taken at 15-10 yards. The hunt includes decoy service of over 500 full body decoys.

In addition to the decoy service, there is a guide in the blinds with you calling the birds in. The guide will also call the shots for all of our clients. This ensures you are getting only the best shots at the birds possible.

The second Field we offer is going to be our “NEW Maxwell” field, specifically for Specklebelly geese. After December 15th, we cannot shoot Specklebelly Geese in the Delevan field because of the DFG closure. We acquired Maxwell to fill that void. The Maxwell field is also hunted in below ground pit blinds on the dikes of rice fields. This field will only be hunted Weds./Thurs. & Sat./Sun. to keep the pressure low on the birds. This new field has not been professionally hunted in over 20 years. This field is mainly designated to shoot Specklebelly geese although Snow geese will also be taken at this venue.

Our 3rd Location is located in Henry, South Dakota.

This location, Pepper Slough Outfitters & The Pepper Slough Lodge, is near Watertown. Known for it’s high populations of Pheasants, Waterfowl and Deer, Pepper Slough Lodge is one of the premier game destinations in the country. With hundreds upon thousands of acres of leased, private and permissable land to hunt, opportunites are always available. Deer tags for archery hunting are available over the counter. Spring Snow Goose hunting is phenominal. Marty and his guides follow the birds up the flyway to the lodge and beyond.