Your Guided Waterfowl Hunting Specialists

Welcome to Kill Zone Outfitters - Your premier guided waterfowl hunting service. Kill Zone Outfitters was established in 2007 in order to provide a hunting service like no other. In fact we guarantee that the hunting, on any one of our distinct hunting venues, will be the best in that area. We also guarantee that your guide will be professional, courteous, and most importantly will put you into the Kill Zone! We have hand selected waterfowl guides through a field testing process to offer you nothing but the best out there. This takes the guess work out of your next guided duck or goose hunt. We currently offer waterfowl hunting in Northern California, Arkansas and South Dakota. We started in the Sacramento Valley in Northern California and have worked our way around the country to find you, the hunter some of the best waterfowl locations in the country. We hope know time is money and want your next duck or goose hunting adventure to be nothing but the best it can be. Please take a moment to see what we have to offer. If you have questions, feel free to give one of our experienced guides a call. They are happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you in the field!

About Our Waterfowl Hunting Service

We offer four different waterfowl hunting venues. Most offering below ground blinds and only the top waterfowl guides in the country to make your hunt comfortable and successful.

Delevan Waterfowl Hunting
The first is our "Delevan" rice fields in the Sacramento Valley, approximately one hour north of Sacramento by car. This location boasts in ground steel pit blinds that keep you warm and dry even on those rainy days. The primary game are Snow and Specklebelly Geese that are flying off of the Delevan refuge in the morning hours. This field is directly adjacent to the Delevan refuge, so the success rate of geese taken at this location is very high.

New Maxwell Specklebelly Hunting
The second field is our "New Maxwell" field which is specifically used during the Delevan closure by the DFG on December 15th to hunt for Specklebelly geese. Only hunted on Wednesdays and Thursday as well as Saturday and Sunday in order to keep the pressure ultra low. A great low pressure hunt. You can expect lots of in your face goose action at this location also located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley.

South Dakota Waterfowl & Pheasant Hunting
If you have been a hunter at one time in your life, you probably know about the reputation South Dakota carries for wild game. If you are a pheasant hunter you probably know it is the best place in the country to hunt pheasant. Kill Zone Outfitters is very proud to offer Pheasant and Waterfowl Hunting just outside of Watertown South Dakota in the little town of Henry. Marty who ruins our outfit, is one of the most down to earth characters and moved to South Dakota from California just to chase pheasant and waterfowl. Marty now offers full lodging along with one of the best guide services in the country, right in the heart of South Dakota.

Early Season Honkers
South Dakota along with a couple of other eastern states offer a early season Canada Goose hunt starting the first week of September for these elusive giants. During this time, you can expect to have generous limits of these large birds decoying like they have never seen a decoy before. Our experienced crew scouts daily and puts you on the "X" for the next days hunt. Most hunts are done from layout blinds in corn or other grain fields. All birds are feet down in the decoys when the shots are called. This is one of the only places in the nation to rival Canada for hunting honkers.

Duck Hunting
Along with great goose hunting South Dakota also offers unbelievable duck hunting. Duck hunting here is done on a variety of properties depending on the time of year you plan your trip and what species is making the migration. You can expect stellar duck hunting until the cold weather starts. Special permits to hunt Indian land are available at times. Please call for more information.

Pheasant Hunting
Marty and his staff pride themselves in being one of the best outfits for pheasant hunting in South Dakota. With over 20 years of experience hunting this area and numerous land leases on private property, you will be ensured have a successful pheasant hunt within minutes of the lodge. With top notch dogs, a great staff and local knowledge, rest assured you will have the pheasant hunt of a lifetime.

Northeast Arkansas Duck & Goose Hunting
We have available to our clients a 900 acre property in the great duck hunting state of Arkansas. This property is located in Northeast Arkansas, just outside of a small farming town named Waldenburg. This property is also adjacent to Mallard Pond, a 10,000 acre private hunt club. It is also just a few miles south of the world famous Claypool Reservoir, known for the 300,000 mallard ducks that were filmed on site on December 23, 1956. We are able to provide our hunters with a full service hunting package. We have a private lodge, meals and of course, a great duck and goose hunting adventure from pit blinds, dry soybean fields and flooded timber. Packages include lodging, meals and hunts. $300 per person per day for the hunting package. SPRING FLY-BACK: If Goose hunting is your passion then allow us to accommodate you. We use e-callers while hunting from our pits or dry fields. The Area in Arkansas that we hunt is known for the very large migrations of Snows that winter here. We normally see great flights of geese for up to 3 weeks of the fly-back, that’s not to say that we don’t continue to have great hunts. We urge clients to take advantage of the first 2-3 weeks as it is the most predictable and action packed.